Mac Para


We at, Paragliding Kvarner are proud to inform you that from 2010 we are official representatives of Mac Para company and all its product range.

Mac Para is a Czech company that has been around since the early 1990s. Since then it has gradually grown to become one of the major brands in paragliding sport.

At the helm from the start has been manager and designer, Peter Recek. Peter, who has been a member of the national Czech paragliding team, graduated in design engineering from Brno University of Technology.

Over the last years the company has enjoyed a large amount of competition success with their Magus range, with pilots such as Petra Slivova, Tomas Brauner, Greg Blondeau, Yassen 'Big Bird' Savov and the Valic brothers. Mac Para has also gained several world records with the Valics brothers, Greg Hamerton and Petra Slivova.

Mac Para products are designed and carefully thoughtout, down to the last details. As one of the worlds leading paragliding manufacturers, MAC PARA controls the entire production process, from development to delivery. They pay high attention to material selection, ensuring that production quality is maintained at the highest level. Every part of the paraglider, harness or backpack is checked at several stages during production by experienced employees. Constant checks of each and every product are a clear warrantee of the safety of your flying equipment. Every paraglider is subjected to a final inspection and control flight.

MAC PARA stands for top quality products.



Woody Valley


In addition to our core business, we can offer you highest quality harnesses from one of its most respected producer, Woody Valley.

Founded in 1985 by passionate pilots, Simone Caldana and Elio Valenti, Woody Valley arose to be one of the worlds leading manufacturer of hang gliding and paragliding harnesses.

Their passion for flying enabled them to create clear and simple solutions in merging pilot demands with highest level of technical content. They have create wide rannge of equipment types; from beginners, over recreational pilots and experts to most demanding, competition pilots.

Driven by their philosophy, accompanied by devotion to the details and putting the security as well as simplicity on a first place, Woody Valley, with more then 30 years of experienced has created envious customer confidence.

Once small home-made workshop, turned out to be todays no.1 in manufacturing most innovative products and equipment in hang gliding and paragliding industry.